Why choose us to manage your trip to China ?

  • Every trip can be personalized and custom to your objective such as if you are prefer to go and find suppliers in Guangzhou , you may go to the plaza or our listed suppliers that can be trusted. You may want to go to Foshan to shop for cheap and high quality furnitures. Usually the other vendors will require at least 15 pax for a trip and will have fixed itinerary that may not suit your objective, hence you will waste valuable time visiting there.
  • Our guiders are Malaysian Muslim that write, read and speak Mandarin, English and Malay and we understands the muslim needs of halal food and muslim friendly iternerary. We do have breaks for solat and dining at halal restaurants.
  • We have done trips with VIPs (minister and famous artists) and help with communication skill when negotiating and closing deals with the suppliers / factories.
  • We manage your purchased goods from the shop till Malaysia. We have our warehouse and logistic chain to deliver your goods to your doorstep in Malaysia with all in hassle free. You don’t need to think on domestic logistic and custom clearence.
  • We have more than 12 years experience managing trips to China. We well versed with culture, accomodation, public or chartered transportation, food, public facilities and among the locals there.

China can be visited all year long. We strongly advise not to visit China on their observed Holidays as most of them including sellers would be on holidays and would close shop on these days.

We can cater from 1 to small or big group of pax. You may personalize your iternerary at any time of the visit based on your objective and budget.

However if you are going there to deal with suppliers or factory visit, you may need to go with a small group. Factory visit will only be approved based on a few requirements. Please contact us for more info.

Most of the shops in China uses e-wallet. You may change your money to RMB currency before your flights or just top up your e-wallet to be used in China. Most of the e-wallets will need to have China bank account. Please contact us if you do not have China account for arrangements.

We have various reccommendations on accommodation. You may choose your preferred hotel / homestay according to your budget.

Get our recommendation based on your personalized itinerary.

There are a lot of places that you may go to source products based on niche. There are fabrics , toys , fashion, gadget, electronic, factories, furniture. Famous places to go to are GuangZhou , Yiwu and Foshan. Let us know what are your focus and we may suggest your personalized itinerary.

In order for you to enter China, please ensure to get your VISA application approved prior to your departure date.